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Scenic Wedding Venues in Thailand

Chapels and banquet halls may be classics, but your wedding deserves a backdrop as breathtaking as your love story. From sun-kissed beaches fringed with swaying palms to the mountain vistas of Chiang Mai,  Thailand’s diverse tapestry of scenic venues promises to weave your dream wedding into a joyous moment of passion, adventure, and breathtaking beauty. As you embark on the journey of your life, let Samui Dream Wedding guide you through the scenic wedding venues of Thailand and give you a dream wedding that is sure to be the talk of the town.

Koh Samui: Beachfront Bliss

An Aerial View of Koh Samui From the Sea. Source: Canva

Melati Beach Resort & Spa

A Family Pool Villa in the Shade. Source: Melati Resort

Getting pre-wedding jitters? Melati Beach Resort & Spa is Koh Samui on honeymoon mode with a dash of total bliss. Picture contemporary suites with private gardens and plunge pools, all tucked away on a quiet stretch of beach so serene, that you’ll feel nothing but peace in the breeze. Two restaurants dish up the sumptuous Mediterranean and Thai feasts to fuel your celebration, while the spa melts away all your tensions. Oh so you want a pre-wedding adrenaline rush? Chaweng Beach is not that far away. But honestly, why leave? A picture-perfect beach awaits right outside your door, begging for barefoot walks and romantic moments. Melati is your ticket to Koh Samui luxury and total privacy, so get ready to say I do and spend the next few moments in blissful solitude with your partner.

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort

Chaweng Regent’s Beachfront Restaurant. Source: Chaweng Regent

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort is Koh Samui’s finery calling to you. Fancy beachfront digs with infinity pools that’ll make your vows picture-perfect, a spa to melt your wedding worries away, and the beachfront dining is so fine that it’ll fuel your celebration with every exquisite bite. Samui’s exhilarating vibrance is just a stroll away, but the resort’s got enough in-house magic to keep you busy for days – think sunset cocktails clinking under fairy lights, dips in your private plunge pool (honeymoon suite, anyone?), or indulging in a Thai massage that’ll leave you saying “forever” in a whisper. Chaweng Regent’s your ticket to Koh Samui luxury with a side of island relaxation, perfect for couples who want a vibrant wedding with a touch of serenity.

Avani Chaweng Samui Hotel & Beach Club

Avani Chaweng Samui Hotel & Beach Club proudly calls Koh Samui its home. What better way to celebrate your wedding than to hold it on the ritziest island in all of Thailand? Sun, sea, and sand. Koh Samui has it all! Themed with a delightful retro-chic aesthetic, get ready to say your vows in the light when the time is right, then celebrate it all from noon till midnight! The perfect wedding venue for aficionados of the 60s, 70s, and the 80s.

Chiang Mai: Mountain Vistas

Verdant Rice Terraces of Chiang Mai. Source: Canva

Jaiya Mongkol House

Are you looking for a Chiang Mai wedding venue that’s got that old-world charm and a touch of tropical magic? Then let me drop some serious love for Jaiya Mongkol House! Tie the knot in a historic Lanna house, all teak wood floors, high ceilings, and intricate carvings whispering tales of the past. Picture lush gardens surrounding you, like a scene straight out of a fairytale. Jaiya Mongkol has got the spaces for it too! Whether you’re keeping it intimate with a sala ceremony or picturing a garden party under the stars on the lawn, this place can make it happen. Plus, they’ve got indoor options for when the monsoon decides to crash the party (don’t worry, it’s usually pretty chill!). ️And the best part? They’re super flexible! You can go full-on traditional Thai Lanna with blessings from monks and all, or keep it Western-style with vows under the trees. They’ve got packages to fit all budgets and dreams.

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

Step into a fairytale kingdom where a homage to ancient Lanna showcases its splendor. That’s Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai. It’s not just a resort, it’s a whole other world waiting to show just what a proper wedding should be. Tie the knot amidst Lanna finery with mountains as your backdrop and the wind whispering blessings through the reeds. Feeling fancy? Dhara Dhevi’s got you covered with a palace fit for royalty, perfect for a Maharaja-meets-Maharani kinda vibe. But it’s not just about the ceremony. This place is a feast for the senses! Think open-air feasts under starlit skies, candlelit dinners in hidden courtyards, and private pools where you can escape with your lovebird and soak up the tropical bliss. Plus, they’ve got elephants!, traditional dance shows, and enough spa treatments to melt away all your wedding jitters.  And the best part? They’re masters of customization! Whether you’re picturing a 500-guest extravaganza or a cozy elopement for two, Dhara Dhevi can whip up a wedding that’s as unique as your love story. They’ve got budget-friendly options too, so don’t let the palace fool you!

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

Escape to paradise for your Chiang Mai wedding at the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort. Wake up to sublime river views, exchange vows on a candlelit deck, and celebrate with a moonlit feast under the stars. This luxurious haven offers bespoke wedding experiences, from traditional Thai ceremonies to whimsical Western celebrations. Craft your dream day with private boat tours, elephant blessings, or even cooking classes for you and your guests. The Anantara promises not just a ceremony, but an unforgettable adventure where love finds its forever amidst the magic of Chiang Mai.

Bangkok: The City of Angels

The Grand Palace at the Heart of Bangkok. Source: Canva

Capella Bangkok

Escape to Bangkok’s riverside haven, Capella Bangkok, for a wedding woven with elegance and Chao Phraya magic. Exchange vows under sunset hues, savor gourmet delights on the waterfront, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. From bespoke ceremonies to culinary artistry, Capella’s dedicated team weaves your love story into a breathtaking reality. Let your Bangkok dream blossom here, where the river whispers blessings and your happily ever after unfolds.

Ten Six Hundred Bangkok

Whispered vows amidst heritage shophouses, a courtyard bathed in tropical sunlight, and a feast crafted from seasonal whispers – Ten Six Hundred Bangkok weaves your wedding into the fabric of Bangkok’s vibrant heart. This boutique oasis offers intimacy, elegance, and culinary magic, ensuring your love story unfolds like a captivating dream in the bustling city’s embrace. Let Ten Six Hundred be the canvas for your happily ever after, where memories bloom and Bangkok’s energy whispers blessings.

Praya Palazzo Hotel

Praya Palazzo brings an Italian flair to your Bangkok wedding. Speak your vows in a stately courtyard, while candlelit lanterns paint the night sky with romance. Savor a culinary symphony of Thai and Western delights, from poolside feasts to elegant dinners under antique chandeliers. Steal away to your private balcony, the river whispering secrets as you soak in the infinity pool. This riverside haven is more than a venue; it’s a canvas for memories that shimmer long after the last toast. Let Praya Palazzo weave your love story into the fabric of Bangkok’s timeless charm, where the Chao Phraya River whispers blessings and your happily ever after unfolds.


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