Wedding Venues in Koh Samui

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Wedding venues in Koh Samui are more than just a place for you to tie the knot. In between the sun, the sand, and the fineries of silk, finding the best wedding venues in Koh Samui needs a theme in how you as a couple want your wedding to be. Look at these top five wedding venues in Koh Samui and hold the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

Choosing Your Wedding Venue in Koh Samui

An Altar at a Beachfront Wedding. Source: Canva

A commonly asked question by couples whenever they go overseas is “What are the best wedding venues in Koh Samui?” These questions may seem like a challenge, but they can be easily answered based on the following factors:

  • The couple’s budget
  • The wedding theme
  • Location, time, and setting
  • Practical considerations

Other things you might want to consider are whether you’d like to your wedding venue in Koh Samui to be one of several world-class resorts or villas in the island.

What Are the Top 15 Wedding Venues in Koh Samui?

A Floral Wedding Pavilion on the Beach. Source: Canva

From the finest seafront villas to resorts located in the most pristine parts of Koh Samui, here are the top five wedding venues of Koh Samui.

1. Melati Beach Resort & Spa

A Seafront Vista as Seen from Melati Resort. Source: Melati Resort

Located on the tranquil Thongson Bay, Melati Beach Resort & Spa this boutique beach resort offers one of the finest beachfront views in all of Koh Samui. With a wide range of accommodations, activities, and cuisines, Melati Beach Resort’s team is experienced in providing a beachfront wedding venue in Koh Samui for couples.

2. Chaweng Regent Beach Resort

An idyllic poolside view at Chaweng. Source: Chaweng Regent

Not far from the vibrant city life of Samui, Chaweng Regent Beach Resort is a premier destination in Koh Samui. Featuring world-class amenities, unforgettable excursion tours, and some of the finest cuisines on the island, Chaweng Regent is also a wedding venue in Koh Samui for couples looking to tie the knot. Whether you want a traditional Thai wedding or a more familiar Western wedding, Chaweng Regent is more than willing to work with you to create the ultimate wedding experience.

3. InterContinental Koh Samui Bay

A stunning vista overlooking the blue seas and pristine white sands of Koh Samui’s western coast, the InterContinental Koh Samui Bay is an idyllic place that offers a stunning selection of wedding styles and venues. From Western weddings to traditional Thai weddings, the InterContinental defines homeliness and relaxation.

4. Vanna Belle, a Luxury Collection Resort

Mere minutes away from some of Koh Samui’s most visited attractions, Vanna Belle is a luxury resort that can be found on Chaweng Noi Beach. Operating under the illustrious Marriott Bonvoy marque of hotels, this resort offers total privacy, an exotic way of living, and a series of themed event spaces that can make for great wedding venues in Koh Samui.

5. Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa

A stylish gateway into the Gulf of Siam, the Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa  is designed with pure elegance in mind and some of the finest amenities contemporary amenities Using contemporary designs inspired by Thai and modern fusions, this resort also offers an intimate Thai-style wedding for couples.

6. Banyan Tree Samui

For couples who prefer a Chinese wedding, the Banyan Tree Samui has hosted many a Chinese wedding for its guests. Located on a scenic view of Lamai Beach, the Banyan Tree embodies the very picture of a tropical getaway, giving couples a chance to their wedding venue in Koh Samui through cultural activities.

7. Villa Koh Koon

Located just up the hill from Chaweng Beach, Villa Koh Koon is a fusion of Asian and Mediterranean design styles. With a seven-bedroom layout and a large space for just about every event, this villa is all about premium privacy. If you’re looking for a venue that feels more like home, then Villa Koh Koon is the next best thing.

8. Cape Fahn Island Hotel

The Cape Fahn Island Hotel is an introverted couple’s dream destination. Situated on a small and secluded island, the small villas throughout this island make for an ideal wedding venue in Koh Samui, especially for those who prefer smaller and intimate celebrations. A wide selection of private villas are available for your choosing, along with the option of a spectacular indoor or outdoor wedding.

9. W. Retreat Koh Samui

The W Koh Samui offers a stunning selection of 74 villas and a commanding view of Koh Samui’s lush forests and turquoise waters, the W Retreat embodies its name with the sheer number of luxuries you can indulge in while staying at the hotel. An experienced team offers a bespoke wedding package that covers just about every cultural occasion, making this an ideal wedding venue in Koh Samui for multicultural couples.

10. Amari Koh Samui

The Amari Koh Samui is a family-friendly wedding venue at Koh Samui’s Chaweng Beach that carefully emulates a home away from home experience. Featuring amenities and facilities suited for either couples or families, the resort’s staff offers proposals for various styles of weddings.

11. Baan Puri

Baan Puri is located on Koh Samui’s Lipa Noi – the western portion of the island. Built entirely in tasteful modern Thai-style architecture, this wedding venue in Koh Samui has a stunning range of indoor and outdoor venues that are capable of accommodating up to 70 guests. Experienced staff and management ensure that couples staying at Baan Puri can enjoy their stay.

12. The Siam Residence

The Siam Residence is a boutique hotel and villa experience located on Santi Beach. Easily within reach of the rest of Samui and only an hour’s flight away from Bangkok, this wedding venue in Koh Samui offers a stunning array of wedding options for couples. Couples can indulge in a memorable seafront view before they tie the knot.

13. Odyssey Samui

Located on Koh Samui’s Bangrak Beach, the Odyssey Samui was inspired by contemporary international architectural styles with a dash of the tropical, this beachfront mansion offers more than just memories to be made. A friendly and experienced team helps guests plan and create their desired wedding experience.

14. Baan Kilee

Capable of accommodating up to 16 guests, the Baan Kilee goes all out with hospitality as it opens its doors to guests. Couples who want an intimate wedding will find themselves enjoying a luxurious beachfront view. But that’s not all! With over 500 weddings hosted, this  wedding venue in Koh Samui also has an indoor venue in the form of Baan Orachon and can host simple wedding celebrations for guests.

15. Villa Kalyana

The Villa Kalyana is a luxurious villa located in the village of Laem Sor, which can be found on Koh Samui’s southern coast. Designed with traditional Thai motifs in mind, every part of this wedding venue in Koh Samui features an impeccable five-star flourish, from the rooms to the various amenities throughout the villa. With over 9 years of experience, Villa Kalyana’s wedding planner can also help you make the bespoke memories that you want.


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