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Melati Signature Wedding

Melati Beach Resort & Spa

Koh Samui, Thailand
THB 99,000

Overview About Melati Beach Resort & Spa Melati Beach Resort and Spa is ready to help you write the next chapter of your life. Exchange your vows and rings on a secluded beach and let the sound of the waves and a pleasant ocean breeze be your perfect backdrop. Melati Resort has spared no expense


Chaweng Regent Beach Resort

Koh Samui, Thailand
THB 75,000

Overview About Chaweng Regent Beach Resort Craft your Koh Samui love story at Chaweng Regent Beach Resort. Let our vibrant island charm and breathtaking view of Chaweng Beach be your wedding backdrop. Choose from customizable packages, say “I do” with the ocean as your witness, and let our expert team orchestrate every detail, from floral

Choosing a Wedding Destination in Koh Samui

Samui Island is a popular wedding destination. It’s a haven for couples seeking a celebration as unique as their love story. With so many places to visit and even more memories to make, it’s no surprise that finding an ideal wedding destination on Samui Island is such a popular question. This guide aims to help you select a venue that suits you as a couple.

1. How Long Does It Take to Get Married in Koh Samui?

If your wedding destination is Koh Samui, keep in mind that it will take about 3-5 business days. You are legally obligated to give 29 days’ notice before you get married.

2. Can I Legally Get Married in Koh Samui?

The marriage registration in Thailand is applicable for foreigners marrying Thai nationals or other foreigners. Be aware that your embassy should be informed first, and supporting documents acquired.

3. What Documents Do Foreigners  Need to Marry in Koh Samui

Foreigners need the following to marry in Koh Samui:

  • A copy of their passport along with arrival card.
  • An affidavit regarding the marital status of the person from the respective embassy.
  • Translated copies of affidavits to Thai certified by an approved Foreign Ministry.

4. How Many Wedding Venues Should I Speak To?

The bevy of resorts offering the ultimate wedding experience is not insignificant, and finding the best fit is just as important before you make a big decision. Speaking to at least three wedding destinations. Samui Island has plenty of wedding destinations, meaning you can see what the resort has to offer and get a feel for what is right for you.

5. Why Should I Ask About My Venue’s Capacity?

A wedding reception that can seat all of your guests won’t just smooth things over for you, but it will also make your experience much more enjoyable.

6. What Onsite Amenities Should My Venue Have?

Knowing what your hotel offers onsite is just as important. Ask about your hotel’s catering options and amenities. In the case of big gatherings, you may also want to ask if the hotel can provide security for you during your wedding.

7. Are There Rules and Restrictions I Need to Know About?

Planning for your big day is important, but knowing and understanding your venue’s rules and restrictions is essential. This allows you to plan with these limitations in mind and keeps you from making unnecessary expenses. Examples include your wedding destination. Koh Samui has local laws you might want to learn about before flying over.

8. What Catering Options Do I Have?

Catering options come in many forms, namely buffets, formal receptions, brunches, and hors d’oeuvres. For the budget-conscious and those who prefer a low-key reception, a brunch is an excellent choice. If you decide to splurge, keep in mind that formal receptions and hors d’oeuvres are not inexpensive options, but can spice up your wedding reception.

9. How Can I Make Sure That My Wedding Goes Well?

Have a close friend or family member take part in your wedding planning. It helps to have more than one person involved.  Not only does their input give you better ideas you might not have considered, but they can also help coordinate on the day of your wedding.

10. What Should I Look For Before Signing on the Dotted Line?

Look at the fine details to make sure that the features you want are on your wedding package. If you are customizing a wedding package, make sure that each option is described clearly and concisely. You want to make sure that you have the features you asked for and not something you may not want.

11. Why Should I Get Wedding Packages?

Our wedding packages are designed to be customizable and easy to work with. Through our wedding planners, you can create your ideal wedding without needing to pick through so many details. Just pick a package and customize it as you see fit!

12. How Can I Contact Samui Dream Weddings?

Samui Dream Weddings can be contacted by reaching out to

13. Where Can I FInd Samui Dream Weddings?

Samui Dream Weddings has offices at both Melati Resort and Chaweng Regent.

14. What Services Do You Offer?

We offer everything from helping you select your wedding destination in Koh Samui, vendor management, budget management, and design & décor.

15. What Types of Weddings Do You Specialise In?

Our wedding planners specialize in Western and Thai ceremonies. As a wedding destination in Koh Samui, our specialty is in beachfront weddings that give long-lasting memories.

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