Honeymoons in Koh Samui: Celebrating in Paradise

A Couple on a Tropical Island Honeymoon. Source: Canva

Koh Samui is a prime destination unlike any other. With a landscape as diverse as the cultures that form it, the sweeping vistas and cliffside views of the island can make for a spectacular place for couples too. But there’s more to this paradise than mere adventuring. Join Samui Dream Weddings as we give you some ideas on how to spice up your honeymoon in Koh Samui. From romantic destinations to adventurous excursions, these are the ways you can celebrate your marriage in paradise.

Bliss on Beach

A Couple Lounges on the Beach. Source: Canva

Koh Samui is very well known for its long stretches of spectacular beachfront properties. A common way to experience total bliss on the beach is to stay at one of several beach resorts, which make for great places to stay while you explore the rest of the island. From exquisite meals to sunset surprises, the following resorts embody total bliss on the beach.

Melati Beach Resort & Spa

Melati Beach Resort & Spa’s Beach Frontage. Source: Canva

Melati Beach Resort & Spa is a private beachfront resort in Thongson Bay that offers a blend of luxury and privacy. Well away from the crowds, Melati Resort’s greatest appeal is the way it feels like a home away from home. From the finest of spa treatments to authentic Thai cuisine infused with the delightful local flair of Koh Samui culinary techniques, the resort also offers outdoor excursions, meaning your honeymoon doesn’t have to end at just sun-soaked relaxation.

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort

A Pool and Massage Pavilion at Chaweng Regent. Source: Chaweng Regent

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort is a resort located on the same beach that makes up its namesake. Mere minutes away from the town center, its prime location makes it quite popular for honeymoons in Koh Samui, particularly due to the hotel’s focus on giving its guests a diverse range of accommodations. The high points don’t stop there, and Chaweng Regent ups the ante when it showcases its top-tier spa treatments and cuisines. Other than its host of outdoor excursions, Chaweng is also a known family-friendly resort, so if your extended family is tagging along, they will surely enjoy their time at the resort.

Private Paradise

A Private Pool Villa. Source: Canva

Having a merry sun-soaked time at the beach is all well and good, but sometimes you as a couple just want some serene seclusion. Several beachfront resorts cater to such an experience, from secluded coves to private villas. Give each other a timeout from the hustle and bustle of life with these private paradises.

Garrya Tongsai Bay Samui

The Garrya Tongsai Bay began its life in 1985 as a labor of love from a renowned hotelier with a passion for perfecting the ideal guest experience and preserving the environment. This family-owned hotel continues that dream as part of their desire to showcase the very best of Thai hospitality.

W Retreat

In stark contrast to its contemporaries, the W Retreat Koh Samui does away with Thai/modern architectural furnishings and favors the currentness of contemporary architecture. Sleek and distinctive, the W Retreat boasts a wide array of accommodations from private villas to some of the finest suites on the island.

Rainforest Romance

Rainforest Suites at a Rainy Resort. Source: Canva

Sometimes a seaside surprise isn’t for couples. Perhaps what you need is a romance amidst the rainforests. Thankfully, the island’s incredible biodiversity gives it just as many environments for you to enjoy your honeymoon in Koh Samui. The following resorts are a great escape for a jungle romance.

Anantara Bophut

The Anantara Bophut is a 5-star beachfront resort on Bophut Beach. More than just a paradisical vibe along the beach, this resort is a blend of Thai charm, luxurious comfort, and access to the vibrant lifestyle of Koh Samui. Designed in homage to the timelessness of  Thai architecture, a diverse range of food, and various outdoor activities make this a great honeymooning destination.

Kamalaya Koh Samui

Nestled amidst lush hills overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, Kamalaya Koh Samui is a renowned wellness resort that follows a holistic approach to wellbeing through personalized programs, traditional Thai therapies, and activities that nurture your inner self. Imagine waking up to the sounds of gentle waves, practicing yoga in open-air pavilions with breathtaking ocean views, and rejuvenating spa treatments. This is the Kamalaya essence – wellness and inner peace.

Spicing Up Your Honeymoons in Koh Samui

A Daytime Dining Experience at the Beach. Source: Canva

The resort experience is just one way to make your honeymoon a memorable one, but did you know that Koh Samui is an outdoor adventurer’s haven? For couples who want to get out there and see the natural wonders of Thailand, here are some activities you can do together during your honeymoon.

Island Hopping

A Kayaker Goes Island Hopping. Source: Canva

Island hopping is an adventurous and immersive way to explore islands near Koh Samui, each with its own unique charm and character. Imagine cruising through crystal-clear waters, stopping to swim in hidden coves, snorkel vibrant coral reefs, and bask on pristine beaches lined with swaying palms. Whether you’re seeking secluded hideaways or bustling fishing villages, island hopping offers something for everyone. Hike through lush rainforests, kayak through mangrove forests, or simply relax on a hammock strung between palm trees, lulled by the gentle rhythm of the waves.


A Hiker Admires the Scenery. Source: Canva

Koh Samui might be known for its stunning beaches and luxurious resorts, but somewhere within the island llies a treasure trove of verdant hills and lush rainforests, ripe for exploration by foot. Hiking in Koh Samui is an adventure for the senses, a chance to swap the soft caress of sand for the invigorating embrace of nature’s trails.

Cooking Classes For Two

A Chef Preparing Condiments and Ingredients. Source: Canva

The last thing that people have on their minds when they honeymoon in Koh Samui is having a cooking class for two, but as the old saying goes, the best way to get to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Most hotels on the island will likely offer a few classes that teach you how to make some iconic Thai dishes, and there’s nothing more romantic than cooking up a good pad Thai and serving it up for your partner. It’s also a great way to explore the different recipes for Thai dishes.

Laidback Experiences to Bond Over

A Couple Takes a Selfie Together. Source Canva

After a long day of island hopping and exploring Koh Samui, you’re probably quite tired and in the mood for something laidback and relaxing. Your resort has a number of amenities and services that you can indulge in for the ultimate relaxation, so consider the following!

Beachfront Dinners

A Dinner for Two at the Beach. Source: Canva

There’s nothing more romantic than a candlelit dinner at the beach. Picture this: you’re with your partner seated next by the sea, the sound of the waves a soothing melody as you and your partner dig in to an exquisite three course meal lovingly prepared by a chef. In between chats, you sip on the finest of wines, all the while the stars give you something to look at. Romantic beachfront dinners are a must when you visit an island with as much splendor as Koh Samui. Your hotel will typically offer this as an experience, so don’t forget to give it a try!

Spa Treatments

A Couple Gets an Aromatic Spa Treatment. Source: Canva

A visit to Koh Samui is not truly complete until you’ve had a great spa treatment with your significant other. Just about every hotel on the island will offer this as a package, so if you’re up for a bit of relaxation, book an appointment for aromatherapy and watch as your worries and troubles melt away. A proper spa treatment won’t just leave you feeling relaxed, you’ll come back revitalized and ready to take on the world.


Honeymoons in Koh Samui is an experience to remember. From simple beachfront relaxation to some sumptuous starlit meals, all this and more can be experienced with a partner like Samui Dream Weddings. With experience in helping couples make their dreams become a reality, Samui Dream Weddings partners with hotels and various services in Koh Samui that cover everything from the legalization of your marriage to finding the best catering services. Get a free consultation now and receive the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

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