Koh Samui Wedding Tips: All You Should Know

A Beach Wedding Venue Amidst Palm Trees. Source: Canva

Getting married overseas has become popular for couples around the world. One of the best wedding venues in Thailand is the island of Koh Samui. Read on and explore our wedding tips in Koh Samui and make the most out of this idyllic backdrop for your wedding.

Koh Samui Wedding Tips: The Venue And You

A Wedding Venue on a White Sandy Beach. Source: Canva

There’s a good reason why Koh Samui wedding tips often highlight the importance of a good venue. Not only does this form the backdrop of the most important day of your life, but it will also be a place you’ll be staying at while you are in Thailand. A tip: when choosing a venue, you’ll want to consider things based on your budget, the number of guests you’ll have, the size of the wedding, and the theme. Do you want a traditional Thai-style villa and a Thai-style wedding? Would you prefer a Western wedding at a five-star resort instead? Here are some options you may want to think about

Koh Samui Wedding Tips: Villas or Resorts?

A Thai-style villa at a Resort. Source: Canva

Many couples often wonder whether or not they should hold their wedding in a Koh Samui resort or a villa. The answer is much more simple than imagined: it depends on what the couple wants. Most advice will emphasize that it’s a matter of what kind of vibe (and budget) the couple has. A villa tends to offer a more private affair that feels more like you’re at home, while a resort may go all out on five-star amenities, allowing couples to rightfully luxuriate during the most important day of their lives.

When Should You Get Married?

A Man Puts a Ring on His Wife. Source: Canva

Most things in life rely on the right timing. The same is even more true when weddings are concerned. As a tropical island, Koh Samui tends to experience rain during certain times of the year, particularly from October through December. Pay close attention to weather reports if you intend to get married during Christmas. If you do intend to marry during the summer, then this shouldn’t be as big of a deal.

High Season vs Low Season

A Busy Phuket Night Market. Source: Canva

Most of the popular months for a wedding tend to fall during the high season, such as during Christmas or the early months of summer. For the sake of your budget and to ensure that your guests have time to adjust to time zone differences, schedule your wedding during the low season or book far enough in advance!

Koh Samui Wedding Tips: Marrying in Thailand

A Relative Ties Sai Sin on a Bride. Source: Canva

Many couples typically marry outside the Kingdom before flying in and enjoying the ceremony. For those who want to legally get married in Thailand, there are some legal considerations that you need to make.

Embassy Trips, Paperwork, and Documents

Wedding Rings and a Mariage Document. Source: Canva

You’ve decided as a couple to get legally married in Thailand and have it recognized by the Kingdom. The process may take upwards of 3-5 days or less than a day, which depends on whether or not you’ve enlisted the help of a marriage agency or your wedding planner. If you want to be sure, consult your wedding planner, as not only will they streamline the process significantly, but they will also make it much more stress-free.

Working With a Wedding Planner

A Wedding Planner Arranges Photos. Source: Canva

Wedding planners can make a difference in making your wedding plans go off without a hitch. Most couples will choose to hire the services of one to plan out their entire special day in Koh Samui. But before you do so, here’s our Koh Samui wedding tip to smoothen the process of finding the one that suits you best.

Choosing Your Wedding Planner

A Wedding Planner Scheduling a Wedding. Source: Canva

A good wedding planner will typically have several clients who can vouch for their services. Our pro tip  is to find reviews about them. Ideally, you will likely want to build a small reference list before you decide to start contacting your list of wedding planners. One thing you should pay attention to is what the wedding planner’s clients liked the most about them, whether it’s their out-of-the-box thinking or timely services.

Does Your Wedding Planner Speak Your Language?

A Wedding Planner Ready to Speak to Clients. Source: Canva

Many of Koh Samui’s notable resorts and wedding planning agencies have an onsite staff that speaks English, while a fair few might even speak languages such as Chinese. While most couples will opt for an English-speaking service, visiting your wedding planner’s website gives you an idea of what other languages they provide their services in. You might be surprised at what you can find.

Koh Samui Wedding Tips: Your Wedding Day

A Couple at Their Wedding. Source: Canva

You’ve come this far and the big day is here! It’s time to clear out some details for the most special day of your life. Here’s a short breakdown of what you’ll probably want to think about.

What Kind of Wedding Ceremony Do You Want?

Wellwishers Celebrate a Husband and Wife. Source: Canva

A wedding ceremony is one of the most intimate moments a couple can ever have in their life. Naturally, this brings into mind what kind of ceremony you as a couple would like to have. Most Koh Samui wedding tips will recommend a Thai or Western-style wedding for obvious reasons, but there are a lot of wedding styles that you can choose from, including Chinese-style weddings! Ultimately, it is up to the couple to decide what kind of wedding they want.

What Time of Day Do You Want Your Wedding?

Scheduling the Day of a Wedding. Source: Canva

This is the fun part of your wedding. Would you prefer a wedding in the day, in the afternoon, or the evening? Whatever your choices may be, beware of Thai sunlight, especially if you choose to hold a wedding during the day or the afternoon. The heat can be quite intense, and the humidity makes it difficult to stay in such heat for too long. Prepare a lot of shade for you and your guests, and ensure that you have a way to stay cool. Weddings at night are much easier to deal with, although getting insect repellant is a must, as they are quite active during the night.

Koh Samui Wedding Tips: The Reception

Seating for an Evening Wedding Reception. Source: Canva

You’ve tied the knot and it’s time to celebrate the most important day of your life in style! From the parties with your guests to the meals and live music, here are some things you need to think about at your wedding reception.

Food and Catering

A Cocktail-Style Meal at a Wedding Reception. Source: Canva

This sounds like a fairly common sense consideration, but if there’s one thing that guests love at a party aside from vibes and activities, it’s good food. Set aside some of your wedding budget and ensure that your guests get some good food to eat after your wedding. This isn’t too difficult to do as your wedding planner or hotel venue typically has catering services too.

Live Music

A Music Mixer at a Party. Source: Canva

Live music forms part of several factors that tie together a wedding reception’s vibe. Finding a band or DJ shouldn’t be difficult – your wedding planner likely knows several that perform at wedding receptions. If you want to personalize your wedding reception, speak to your wedding planner and plan things out with them to ensure a good experience.

Dress Code

Pastel Colored Party Dresses on a Rack. Source: Canva

There isn’t a dress code to speak of where weddings and receptions are concerned. If you do intend to get married at a Thai temple, then you’ll want some clothing that covers your shoulders, and knees, and some footwear that covers your toes. As mentioned previously, the merciless tropical heat can make it painful for the bride, groom, and guests.  A common tip for weddings happening in Koh Samui is to wear natural fabrics like silk or cotton, as these will help you stay cool compared to synthetics.

Koh Samui Wedding Tips:  Some Options to Get You Started

If you’re looking for a few options to get you started during your wedding planning, here are some options you may want to consider while planning out your wedding in Koh Samui.

1. Melati Beach Resort & Spa

The View Restaurant at Melati Resort. Source: Melati Resort

Located on Thongson Bay, Melati Beach Resort & Spa often makes it into Koh Samui wedding tips as a go-to destination for weddings. With its stretch of pristine beach and a laid-back vibe, it’s not a surprise that Melati Resort is so popular. Not only does the resort offer the most sublime beachfront weddings, but it also offers a broad range of packages for those who want to make their wedding all the more special.

2.  Chaweng Regent Beach Resort

 Chaweng Regent’s Poolside Facade. Source: Chaweng Regent

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort is located on the world-famous Chaweng Beach, which is not far away from the bustling city life of Samui. With a spectacular beachfront view and a wide range of outdoor activities, Chaweng Regent’s wedding packages are nothing to scoff at and cover everything from the type of wedding you’d like to a personalized catering experience.

3. Banyan Tree Samui

The Banyan Tree Samui is located on Lamai Beach, offering total privacy amidst a lush island jungle. This villa-resort is the ideal beachfront escape for couples who want to experience a wedding in a more intimate and secluded setting. Couples can choose to be wedded on a hillside overlooking the resort or beachfront.

4. Six Senses Koh Samui

The Six Senses Samui offers a sweeping view of the Gulf of Siam and an even more spectacular private beach area. This resort makes it into our recommended hotels and resorts for providing a unique experience unlike any other for couples.

5. Conrad Koh Samui

The Conrad Koh Samui is a villa resort overlooking Aow Thai Beach from its perch on a spectacular hillside view. Each of the private villas offers total privacy and the feeling of a home away from home. Couples looking to get married at the Conrad Koh Samui are given the luxury of three choices: a view overlooking the sea, a white sand beachfront affair, and the luxurious main pool platform.


Getting married in Koh Samui is one of the most exciting days of your life. Beyond the sun, sand, and celebration, the island has so much to offer for couples who want to walk off the beaten path. This guide has covered all the basics of making the most out of your wedding in Koh Samui. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with most of these potential challenges alone. Companies like Samui Dream Weddings have experience in helping you make your Koh Samui dream wedding a reality! Request a proposal and get the wedding that you deserve.

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