Top 10 Thai Foods For Weddings in Thailand

Pad Thai: An Iconic Thai Dish of Stir Fried Noodles and Shrimp. Source: Canva

Picture a wedding day – one filled with vibrance, energy, and celebration for a moment unlike any other.  All parties are tied together by one other thing, and that’s food. From aromatic curries to fragrant spices, Thai cuisine is a harmonious medley of flavors that can liven up any occasion. Here are the top 10 Thai foods to spice up your wedding in Thailand!

Thai Cuisine and You: The Regions

A Thai Town Nestled Through a Series of Hills in Thailand. Source: Canva

Thai cultural spheres and their cuisines can be roughly divided into four distinct regions, each with its own culinary traditions and notable dishes. Here’s a summary of each region, its culinary specialties, and their defining features.

Central Thailand

Asiatique – A Popular Tourist Destination Near the Chao Phraya. Source: Canva

Central Thai cuisine can best be described as a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and salty. Fish and shrimp tend to feature heavily in dishes from this region, as does garlic and coconut milk. An iconic dish from this region is Guay Teow, also known as boat noodles.

Northern Thailand

Wat Sri Suphan – A Uniquely-Designed Silver Temple in Chiang Mai. Source: Canva

Northern Thai cuisine’s defining feature is its use of turmeric, ginger, and galangal. Another defining feature is the use of fermented ingredients, which provide a unique tangy taste. Despite all this, one of Northern Thailand’s most iconic dishes is Kao Soy, a coconut curry-based noodle dish known for its sweet flavor, zest, and a light hint of spiciness.

Isan (Northeastern Thailand)

A View of the Cloudscape from a Mountainside in Isan. Source: Canva

Isan cuisine is characterized by its salty and savory flavors and spicy fermented ingredients, which add a layer of depth and complexity to the dishes. A popular dish from this region is larb (minced meat salad), but many more are familiar with the famous sai krok Esan – a spicy fermented sausage that uses garlic and has a tangy note.

Southern Thailand

An Ornate Naga Statue at a Temple in Southern Thailand. Source: Canva

Southern Thailand is a vibrant region whose cuisine is heavily influenced by Chinese and Malay culinary traditions. This area enjoys seafood and coconut milk in its dishes, which have a sweet and salty taste. One of the most popular regional specialties to come from Southern Thailand is Gaeng Massaman – red curry.

What Are the Top 10 Thai Foods for Your Wedding?

Depending on how your wedding reception is organized, you may want to give your guests a selection of foods based on a 3-course meal format. The fun part about choosing the best Thai food for your wedding is that you can freely mix and match dishes across all regions. Our recommendations reflect what we believe will make for an interesting and vibrant wedding reception meal.


Assorted Thai Salads Served at a Restaurant. Source: Canva

Introduce your guests to the diverse range of palates that Thai cuisine can offer with the following appetizers.

1. Sai Krok Esan

An Esan delicacy known as Sai Krok Esan – fermented pork fat sausages with garlic. Source: Canva

This Northeastern classic is made from ground pork fat and features garlic in its recipe and a sour note. A perfect way to introduce something familiar to guests who have only recently tried Thai food. As a bonus tip, Sai Krok Esan makes for excellent finger food when paired with beer.

Mieng Kam (Betel Leaf Wraps)

Betel Leaf Wraps Make a Great Wedding Reception Food. Source: Canva

Create a personalized pre-meal snack with this dish. Through a combination of fresh herbs, vegetables, and the sweet-saltiness of fish sauce, these betel leaf wraps offer a delightful medley of flavors that have a taste that is unlike any other dish.

Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Gung – A Popular Spicy Shrimp Soup. Source: Canva

With an aroma derived from fragrant lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chilies, the shrimp in the dish makes for a tantalizing appetizer tied together by a fragrant broth.

Main Course

Diners Sampling Thai Food at a Restaurant. Source: Canva

Show your guests the finest of the 10 Thai foods for your wedding reception!  From the finest curries to fragrant rice-based dishes, make a lasting impression with the following main course dishes.

Kao Soy

Kao Soy – A Coconut-Curry Based Dish From Northern Thailand. Source: Canva

One of Thailand’s most iconic dishes, Kao Soy is arguably the face of Northern Thailand. Egg noodles in coconut milk curry with crispy shallots, and a lemon zest add much flavor to an already delightfully sweet and spicy dish. This one is sure to impress your guests, especially fans of curry.

Pad See Ew

Pad See Ew – a Balanced Noodle Dish. Source: Canva

The perfect balance of savory and umami flavors. Guests who want to indulge in a simple but delightful dish will be pleased by the combination of meats and vegetables within the stir-fried noodles. The dish’s balance of flavors means you can pair it with just about any other dish you can think of.

Gaeng Khiew Wan Gai (Green Curry With Chicken)

Green Curry With Chicken at a Restaurant. Source: Canva

Green curry with chicken is a very popular Thai dish known for its aromatic curry sauce. A crowd-pleaser in its own right, green curry with chicken typically makes it to the list of the 10 Thai foods for weddings. Fairly versatile, the chicken can be substituted for other meats and is usually served with a side of fragrant jasmine rice.


Women in Traditional Costume Preparing Thai Desserts. Source: Canva

Thai food’s versatility of tastes extends beyond the sour and the savory. Here are two Thai desserts that can round off the medley of flavors at your Thai wedding reception.

Khao Niew Mamuang (Sticky Rice With Mango)

Mango Sticky Rice: A Simple But Filling Dessert. Source: Canva

A classic Thai dessert, the sweetness of ripe mango pairs beautifully with the creamy coconut milk and toasted mung beans on sticky rice. It’s a delicious and festive way to end the meal.

Khanom Chan (Coconut Custard Dumplings)

Khanom Chan – a coconut custard dessert for any occasion. Source: Canva

A favorite dessert for any occassion, khanom chan’s delicate appearance and creamy coconut filling makes it a sophisticated choice. It’s also relatively light and easy to enjoy in smaller portions.

Khanom Tom (Southern Steamed Dumplings)

Khanom Tom – A Southern Thai Delicacy. Source: Canva

The variety of sweet fillings and the fragrant banana leaf wrapping offer a distinctive regional experience. You can include different flavors to cater to diverse preferences.

Which Venues Serve the 10 Thai Foods For My Wedding?

Koh Samui’s popularity as a tourist destination means that just about every hotel and resort can serve ten dishes from our hotel. If you’re looking for ideas on where you can go, here are two resorts with top-class restaurants that can serve up both our recommendations and the unique flavors of Samui.

Melati Beach Resort & Spa

A View of Melati Resort’s Swim-Up Bar. Source: Melati Resort

Melati Beach Resort & Spa is a boutique beachfront resort and spa on the tranquil Thongson Bay. This tranquil view accentuates the resort’s wide selection of Thai cuisines, ranging from Kan Sak Thong’s Samui-inspired menu to the all-day variety menu served by The View Restaurant.

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort

Chaweng Regent from a Poolside View. Source: Chaweng Regent

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort is a resort located on the vibrant Chaweng Beach. Never far away from the bustling life on the island, Chaweng Regent’s feather to their cap is Chomtalay Restaurant and the Red Snapper Bar and Grill. Chomtalay serves up an all-day affair that includes both the finest Thai food and Western favorites, while the Red Snapper specializes in the finest dishes from the Mediterranean.


Thai food is an excellent addition to any event, whether it’s a simple dinner or a wedding reception. If you’re looking to enjoy more than just the 10 Thai foods for your wedding, it’s better to do it as stress-free as possible with a wedding planner like Samui Dream Weddings. Get a consultation now and receive a bespoke wedding that includes the finest food in catering and the venue of your dreams!

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