Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far in advance should we plan our wedding?

6-12 months is ideal, but some popular locations might require even longer.

2. Do I need a travel agent or a wedding planner?

Ask for your hotel’s wedding planner for legal matters and catering recommendations.

3. Can I legally be married in Thailand?

Yes. Many couples choose to get married in Thailand. See this guide for a more detailed explanation.

4. What costs should I consider?

Consider your travel, accommodations, venue fees, legalities, and venue costs.

5. What activities are there for guests?

Local attractions and excursions are available for guests. For more information,  you may ask your hotel.

6. What documents do we need to get married abroad?

See this article for a detailed explanation of what documents you need for marriage in Thailand.

7. Where can I find your offices?

Samui Dream Weddings has offices in both Melati Resort and Chaweng Regent.

8. How can I minimize travel costs for my guests?

Consider group booking options or travel packages for you and your guests.

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