A Guide on How to Get Married in Thailand for Foreigners

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Thailand is considered to be one of the most romantic destinations any couple can ever get married in. In between the allure of the romantic lies another journey, a path to navigate the legalities and ensure your union is as beautiful as the setting. Forget the stress and embrace the adventure, for this guide will be your compass, steering you through Thai bureaucracy in a prompt fashion. From choosing your jurisdiction to registering your vows, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and confidence to transform your dream into a reality. So, take a deep breath, let the tropical breeze carry away any anxieties, and let Samui Dream Weddings take you on a journey of how to get married in Thailand for foreigners.

Marriage in Thailand: The Legal Leg of Your Journey

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Marriage in Thailand is not an entirely complicated process, although one thing you should keep in mind is that navigating Thai bureaucracy will require a bit of time, patience, and a lot of paperwork. The following steps will be a primer on what you’ll need to have on hand (such as supporting documents), and some useful tips you can use to make the legal leg of your marriage go off smoother.

The Legal Requirements

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Getting married in Thailand comes with specific legal requirements for both partners. Both must be at least 17 years old or the marriageable age in their home country (although exceptions may be granted by the court). Neither person in the relationship can be mentally incompetent, and they must not be related by blood in direct lines or as full or half siblings. Additionally, both cannot have living spouses, and women with deceased or divorced husbands must wait 310 days before remarrying unless specific conditions are met, like having a child, remarrying the ex-husband, obtaining a doctor’s certificate confirming no pregnancy, or receiving a court order.

The Paperwork

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When couples ask the question of how to get married in Thailand for foreigners, many are asking about the paperwork, which is needed to serve as the legal basis to support their marriage. Thai nationals need ID cards, house registration certificates, and proof of past marital status (divorce papers or death certificate if widowed). Foreigners add a copy of their passport with arrival card, an embassy affidavit on their marital status, and a certified Thai translation of that affidavit. Remember, these are just the highlights, so consulting local authorities for the latest requirements is key to a smooth and legal wedding journey in Thailand.

Registering Your Marriage

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In Thailand, tying the knot is as simple as declaring your love publicly before a registrar. You and your partner can do this in three ways: signing the marriage register, submitting a signed consent document, or verbally declaring your intent in front of two witnesses (if necessary). Remember, once you’ve said “I do,” there’s no turning back!

No matter where you’re from, you can file your marriage application at any district or minor district office. A handy bonus: registering in the bride’s birthplace automatically changes her name and last name on official documents. Just be sure to update your ID card within 60 days. If registering elsewhere, you’ll need to initiate the name change and ID update yourself.

Can’t make it to an office? No worries! You can request a home registration by covering transportation costs for the registrar. Just be prepared to pay a 400 baht fee.

So, there you have it! Officializing your marriage in Thailand is not as difficult and comes with a few convenient options to make your special day even smoother!

Steps on How to Get Married in Thailand for Foreigners

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Foreigners planning a Thai wedding face some extra steps before saying “I do.” First, head to your embassy in Thailand with passports and arrival cards to declare your single status and legal ability to marry under Thai law. This document needs a reliable translation into Thai, which you can get at a translation office. Finally, take the translated document, passports, and copies back to the embassy’s Consular Affairs Department for an official stamp of authentication. Within a couple of days, you’ll be armed with all the paperwork you need to submit to the District Registrar for marriage registration and your official Thai marriage certificate!

Should You Use An Agent or DIY?

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Having to deal with paperwork is part and parcel of dealing with Thai bureaucracy. Moreso if you intend to get married in Thailand. If you find yourself short on time and just want to get this over with in the quickest way possible, you should consider getting in touch with an agent to run the paperwork on your behalf. Do keep in mind that while this will significantly speed up the process, it will cost you! Agents are also a way for couples to get past the hassle of the language barrier, especially if both spouses are foreign or not too familiar with the registration process.

How Can I Find An Agent for My Marriage?

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The answer is a lot more straightforward than it seems. For couples opting for the speedier route, finding the right agent is just a matter of shopping around online and reaching out to some people through direct messaging. The sheer number of agents offering their services might seem a bit overwhelming, but if you really must find one through specific criteria, look through reviews and see what each couple has said about them. Alternatively, you may even ask your wedding planner, as their services may also cover the legal aspects of your marriage.

Going At it Alone (The DIY Option)

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This option is not for the faint of heart and will require a bit of time, patience, and some understanding of Thai. While many district offices are capable of processing your requests for you, knowing Thai can help navigate Thai bureaucracy a bit easier and ensure that the process goes along smoothly. If either one of you isn’t fluent or finds yourselves unsure about the legal process, a popular protip is to bring along a trusted Thai friend so that you know what’s going on.

The District Office: The Final Step

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Armed with the requisite paperwork, and a small group of witnesses (like family members and close friends), you make your way to the district office. You can choose to do this in another district office as well, and a popular anecdote makes mention of Bang Rak being a popular location to get married due to its name translating to “Village of Love.” At this point, all you need is to be patient and be able to entertain yourselves as you count down the time for your queue number to be called up. Once you’ve reached this stage, you as a couple and the district officer will be just ensuring that you have the right documents (arguably one of the longest answers in the question “how to get married in Thailand for foreigners?”). Once that’s done, you receive a marriage certificate, officializing your marriage per Thai laws.

Which Hotels Do Foreigners Get Married at in Thailand

The following hotels and resorts are experts who have the answer to your burning question, “How to get married in Thailand for foreigners?

Melati Beach Resort & Spa

A Top-Down View of Melati Beach Resort. Source: Canva

Melati Beach Resort & Spa is located on a tranquil stretch of private beachfront property on Thongson Bay. With a long history of catering to foreigners, Melati’s staff are experts at bespoke beachfront weddings, romantic dinners, and family-friendly activities. Couples who prefer a more private wedding will enjoy this resort’s hospitality and various amenities.

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort

A View of Chaweng Regent by the Pool. Source: Canva

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort is an ideal option for those who want to be a bit closer to Koh Samui’s vibrance. The hotel also boasts one of the finest beachfront views on the island, fitting given its location on the world-famous Chaweng Beach. With many activities nearby and other good food to eat, couples looking to marry at Chaweng Regent will always have something to do.

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